A downloadable game for Windows

A small game about delivering a letter to a giant - to reach her you must climb her. :)

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move, and SPACE bar to jump on and off mushrooms.

Made for a university project at LCC (UAL).

Game made by myself (Meirian, @keyboardmoss) and Casey B Lodge (@with_bug_legs, https://casey-b-lodge.itch.io/).

Animation by Lina Kalcheva (website: www.linakalcheva.com).

Sound Design by Kyrin Chen.

Music Composition by Eluned Davies.

Install instructions

Download the file, which will give you a zipped folder. Unzip the folder and run the application named 'Mountain Messenger'.


Mountain Messenger Build Zip.zip 51 MB


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I like that Giant!