A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are lost in the woods.

Keep walking, and you'll find others lost as yourself. There's no guarantee you'll find your way back though.

Hiraeth is a narrative/exploration game set in an endless procedural wood. Littered throughout the wood are lonesome characters you can chat to.

The background music is Wayward Hum by Vashti Bunyan.

TO WALK: If using a controller, use the LEFT JOYSTICK. If using mouse/keyboard, use WASD or ARROW KEYS.

TO LOOK AROUND: If using a controller, use the RIGHT JOYSTICK. If using mouse/keyboard, use the MOUSE.

TO INTERACT: If using a controller, use the A or B button. If using keyboard/mouse use SPACE.

CHOOSING DIALOGUE OPTIONS: During conversations, you can scroll through dialogue options with your left joystick, or with W and S or up and down keys. To select the option, use your controller's A or B button, or press SPACE. There is a known bug currently which sometimes 'deselects' all dialogue options. As a temporary fix to this, you can 'wake up' the game by clicking anywhere on the screen, and an option will be reselected so you can scroll through them again as normal.

Hope you like it.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and open the application named Hiraeth_itchBuild_1.


Hiraeth_itchbuild_1.zip 27 MB
Hiraeth_itchbuild_Mac.app.zip 31 MB


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A nice calming game, love it. Check out my video on it.

Hi this is wonderful and I love it with all my heart

Also where (if anywhere other than this game) can I find the song?

Ahhh thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)

The music is Wayward Hum by Vashti Bunyan, and can be found in all the normal places. Totally forgot to credit when I first posted this here, my bad.

Thanks so much!

Nice game I like the style it's junik! I made a video, enjoy :3

Oh wow thanks for playing and streaming! Also I love the video icon :o

Thank you! :)

doesnt seem to work for mac :// files wont open 

hi, I've now uploaded another build for Mac which should work!

Looks beautiful and unique, unfortunately the game doesn't start on my Win10-machine. If I hit space in the main menu I just get a blank screen and have to use alt+f4 to get out.

Hi, thanks for commenting! I think this might be a design flaw rather than technical as a few players have run into this. Can you still see the ground when it starts? If so you will be able to walk forwards and as you walk it becomes light and begins.


That's quite strange, now it worked on the first try! I've tried it two or three times when I first downloaded it and I had always a blank screen and nothing happened. Has there been an update to the game?

Anyway, now it works and that makes me happy. Thank you! :)

Weeird, I haven't updated anything. Glad it works now though!  :))

this game looks really cool but i'm having trouble with the file on mac :((


Hey, I've uploaded another build for Mac now so that should work :)

cool, it works btw!