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Here is my (not quite finished) Domestic Toothbrushing Simulator! 


The 'idea' behind this game is to portray the mundane habitual intimacy of brushing your teeth with someone you love.


You and your partner are brushing your teeth together. Meanwhile, the brushers are attempting to hold a conversation. This can be difficult when your mouth is full of toothpaste foam. Depending on your brushing and spitting, the conversation will be relatively garbled.


This is a co op game, though due to the simplicity of the controls its perfectly possible to play alone too. The left brusher is controlled by the A, S, and D keys: A and D to brush, and S to spit. Likewise, the right brusher uses arrow keys left, down, and right: left and right to brush, and down to spit.


Future updates may include: more levels of garbled-ness; additional conversation branches; hygiene scores; or something entirely different!

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run the application!


Toothbrushing Build 2 Meirian Game ZIP.zip 15 MB

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